Maria Luisa Damiani

Associate Professor

Dipartimento di Informatica
Università degli Studi di Milano
Via Celoria 18, Milano(I)
Phone: +39 02 50316307

Research interests

The spatial and spatiotemporal dimension of data management and analysis:

  • Movement data modeling
  • Mobility patterns discovery and spatio-temporal clustering
  • Location privacy in mobile applications
  • Location-based access control in mobile applications
  • Applications in animal ecology, geology, humanities

Recent publications

  • Conf. SSTD'19 (2019): Location relevance and diversity in symbolic trajectories with application to telco data. M.L, Damiani, F. Hachem, C. Quadri, S. Gaito ( pdf))
  • TRAJECTORY DATASET. Synthetic trajectories for the evaluation of stop-and-move detection methods. Replication Data for: Cluster-based trajectory segmentation with local noise. dataset
  • Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (2018), Springer. Cluster-based trajectory segmentation with local noise. M.L. Damiani, F. Hachem, H. Issa, N. Ranc, P. Moorcroft, F. Cagnacci( pdf)
  • Conf. ACM SIGSPATIAL (2018). Periodic stops discovery through density-based trajectory segmentation. Demo. F. Hachem, M.L. Damiani
  • INFORMS Journal on Computing (2018). Mathematical programming algorithms for spatial cloaking. A. Ceselli, M.L. Damiani, G. Righini, D. Valorsi
  • Computers & Security (2018). A context-aware system to secure enterprise content: Incorporating reliability specifiers. O. Oluwatimi, M. L. Damiani, E. Bertino
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